Thank you Curate!

HannaMi Kim 한나미 Singapore Artist

i’m so grateful for this feature on CURATEart yesterday.

CURATEart found me on the internet and didn’t ask CVs, based on my social media account, it kindly featured one of my works. being a self taught artist of short ( crazy ) years of practicing art without any ties to local art scene,  I’m so happy and honoured that this London based company’s generosity and kindness…


behind all this


i have invited #YinjiChloe to assist my Open Studio Sunday!

a talented artist (art student) who throws random feedbacks on my works and her comments are soooo spot-on! she is the one who designed all my printouts. her sense of color, composition & fashion is a.m.a.z.i.n.g !!!   although she doesn’t do much of her own art as she is busy with her other interests. *.^


see you all on sunday!

morning after

Hannami kim open Studiothank you all who turned up in beautiful( so respectful) attires in my humble studio! thank you for the support, encouragement and interest in my works! thank you for enjoying my ‘ fiery Korean fried chicken ‘ feeling blessed and grateful…

ps. thanks for  your extra support – bottles of whisky, bubbles & wines …

studio digging

Hannami kim self portrait yogaI have been doing some studio digging ✌🏼️ and found some interesting ( to me) stuffs …like this month-old quick  drawing of myself after hot yoga.

i , finally , decided to hold  2nd open Studio on 4/5th Mar . 1st open studio is kind of semi-private and it will be held quietly as I’m  trying to show case some of my intimate works( Andrew kindly gave me the exact English word to describe – Erotica! )

Good to see you all ‘In My Walk Up Apartment’ open studio in Mar!

am desk

Hannami kim artist art
7:22am Hannami Kim studio


everyday new day!

striked by new forms/ideas ( inspiration, nicely speaking),  sitting  at the corner of my studio,  looking over paintings- my present & future- scattered on the floor, soundclound adding noise, kettle boiling for instant coffee…

feeling so so grateful for everything anything …

p.s.  please find the time to read  , just updated… it’s written by my dear friend ‘M’ who has supported most of my career nearly two decades…


keeping it as is…

Art is an experience not an object. -Robert Motherwell



after much thought on whether to have a ‘polished/professional/clean’ looking artist’ website or to keep this , I decided to keep this for longer.

Compared to the professional website which more looks like a final product , it’s more progress/journey  centered and ongoing/evolving site. As an artist as much as I’m thrilled to see my painting finished and hanging in the gallery, I enjoy every minute of progress – countless sketches, million cups of coffee,coats of  paintings, scrubbing off the paints on the wall or floor etc.

Hope there is someone somewhere reading this with smile on ..


Peace & Love